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Diversity, Representation, Inclusion topics and discussions

About Bridge Builder Events

Bridge BLDRS is a monthly workshop focused on how to have challenging conversations about discrimination in the workplace and daily life.

Each event begins with a presentation of current research and resources on a specific topic, then participants discuss in small groups.


Join like-minded individuals who are also on the journey to educate themselves and to become better allies in the workplace and personal lives. Join our Slack workspace to connect and discuss between events.


Your educational journey can start with us or be supplemented by us as we share some of the latest research and thinkpieces on how diversity, representation and inclusion can be done well.


At each event, we have discussions in small groups to facilitate learning and interaction. You will have tangible takeaways and tactics to use after you leave the room.


We have a strict Code of Conduct to ensure underrepresented and marginalized voices can get heard and for everyone to interact in a comfortable, safe manner.

Organizing Committee

If you are interested in joining the organizing committee, please send us an email at and tell us a bit about yourself!

Andrea Chan


Andrea has worked a decade in male-dominated industries, including logistics and technology. She created this group as a way to foster critical discussion and share perspectives on a grassroots level.

Jesse David


Jesse is a former teacher turned web developer, and is excited about helping grow the Bridge Builder community and finding ways to engage everyone in the conversations about equity.

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